Miller Lite Teams Up to Give Thanks to Our Veterans

MillerCoors employees assemble Thanksgiving meals for veterans

MillerCoors Honors Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, and in preparation for Thanksgiving, Miller Lite teamed up with the Chicago Bears, Jewel-Osco and the Road Home Program: The Center for Veterans and their Families at Rush University Medical Center to distribute Thanksgiving meals to 400 military families in Chicago.

Participating families received a turkey, canned goods, potatoes, stuffing and a $20 Jewel-Osco gift card. Bears alumni players Desmond Clark, Jason McKie, Rashied Davis and Anthony Adams were on hand to help distribute turkeys and visit with veterans and their families. The Road Home Program worked with partner organizations in the community, including the USO of Illinois and the Department of Veterans Affairs to identify military families who could benefit from the Thanksgiving meals.

MillerCoors employees distribute Thanksgiving groceries to veterans

“At Miller Lite we’re extremely proud of our veterans, and this program is just one small way of saying thanks to them and their families,” said Joe Lawler, the MillerCoors Field Marketing Manager who helped put the event together.                                    

This is the second year the program has taken place. This year, more than 40 volunteers from MillerCoors, the Chicago Bears, Jewel-Osco and Rush assisted in handing out groceries to veterans.

MillerCoors provides Thanksgiving dinner for veterans

Miller Lite sponsored this event to salute our area’s veterans and wish them a happy Thanksgiving. Over 40 volunteers came out from MillerCoors and the partner organizations to help assemble grocery bags.

Chicago Bears Desmond Clark, Rashied Davis and Anthony Adams with veterans

Bears alumni (L-R) Desmond Clark, Rashied Davis and Anthony Adams donate their time by taking pictures and signing autographs with veterans.



Barley Days: A Celebration of Coors Barley Growers

Coors Barley Malt “Behind the Brewing”

MillerCoors Barley Growers

During my time on the Coors Banquet team, I always said that there is something special about the brand.  It somehow seeps into your soul and you find a deeper connection that you don’t find in most roles.  I think it has to do with the familial roots and deep tradition Coors Banquet represents in Golden and beyond.

So how did those roots and traditions find me drinking a cold Banquet with Pete Coors, Andy England, Fernando Palacios and our malting and barley team alongside a river in Burley, Idaho?

Two words:  Barley Days.

Barley Days is an annual celebration that brings our MillerCoors barley growers, agronomists, malting and barley team members and our sustainability team together to celebrate and honor all of the MillerCoors barley farmers across Montana, Idaho and Colorado.

The event was hosted at our MillerCoors grain elevator in Burley on a beautiful morning in July.  Barley growers from across Idaho were invited – with their families – to an event thanking them for all their hard work.  A steak lunch was provided and the local distributor was there serving nearly every beer in our portfolio.  Pete Coors addressed the group along with their local agronomists who handed out awards for the prior growing season.  While the point of the day was to thank the growers, their gratitude for the day and being part of the extended MillerCoors family shone through.

My presence at Barley Days started with the Banquet team trying to find a way to tell its relatively unique barley story.  More and more brewers are outsourcing their malting operations and simply buy their malt from maltsters on the commodities market.  MillerCoors goes further to build relationships with growers, cultivating unique barley strains and supporting communities across the High Country region of the US.


MillerCoors Barley Growers

We wanted to tell the story of how much care and attention we give to the barley that goes into each batch of Coors Banquet.  From the MillerCoors’ supported farmers, to the MillerCoors owned grain elevators and finally to the malting operations at the Golden Brewery in Colorado, we put more time, energy and resources into barley than most beer companies do.

We decided to tell that story by bringing a camera crew to Barley Days and then to the Golden Brewery to showcase the roots, tradition and passion that you can almost taste in every can and stubby bottle of Coors Banquet.  The videos are beautiful and really show the soul of Banquet reflected in our barley farmers and our malting team.  I hope everyone enjoys watching them as much as I enjoyed being there to experience it.

Behind the Brewing: Coors Maltsters

Behind the Brewing: Coors Barley Growers

Get To Know AC Golden Brewing Company

AC Golden Brewery copper brewing kettles

AC Golden named “Large Brewing Company of the Year” at GABF

Earlier this month, AC Golden Brewing Company, a tiny off-shoot of MillerCoors won “Large Brewing Company of the Year” at 2014 Great American Beer Festival®. AC Golden has 12 employees brewing beer on a 30-barrel system, so that’s a large award for a small brewing company. The beers they brew are only distributed in AC Golden’s home state of Colorado, so chances are you don’t know much about this tiny incubation brewery nestled inside the Coors Brewery in Golden.

Today we’re giving you the chance to get to know AC Golden, in the words of its co-founder and President, Glenn Knippenberg.

Glen “Knip” Knippenberg of AC Golden Brewing Company

Uncompromising Quality

The AC Golden Brewing Company takes a lot of flack from some of the craft beer community, about who owns AC Golden Brewing Company and where we brew our beers. That’s the “con.” The “pro” is that we are fortunate to be operating in the belly of the Coors brewery in Golden.

Because we are on site, we have access to all of the same quality regimes afforded to the large brands brewed in the big brewery. Our quality assurance measures are light years beyond the majority of the independent craft brewer’s. Each bottle, can or keg of Colorado Native has had, on average, over 500 individual tests run on it.  Every batch of beer is quality checked seven times during the brewing process: brew kettle, fermenter fill, fermentation, aging, filtered beer, final package and warm storage.  Chemistry, microbiology and sensory tests are performed during each phase of the process.  We also run extensive tests on our raw materials: barley, malted barley, water, hops, yeast and all packaging materials.

Colorado Ingredients

Colorado Native Lager by AC Golden Brewing Company

Quality water

High quality water is crucial for quality beer, and we’re fortunate to be able to use the same Rocky Mountain spring fed water the Golden brewery uses. Because the water hasn’t been treated by a municipal plant, we don’t have to filter out any chemicals or impurities. Our brewing water is monitored and tested daily for mineral and other ion concentrations, which allow us to fine tune each brew.

Colorado Grown Hops

The majority of the hops that are used in Colorado Native are grown on the Western Slope of Colorado. This is the same part of the state that is famous for growing peaches, apple, sweet corn and numerous other fruits and vegetables. Just as the wine folks have known for decades, there are a number of variables that create the character of a crop, such as temperature, rainfall, hours of sunlight and composition of the soil. These variables create a distinguishable difference between a Cascade hop grown in Colorado versus the same variety grown in Yakima, Washington.

Colorado Grown Barley

The barley growing team will tell you that the crops vary by state and even by harvest year. Colorado-grown Moravian barley is slightly different from Moravian barley grown in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. We are fortunate that Golden Malting is willing to go to the extra trouble to malt and segregate Colorado-grown barley from barley grown in the other states.


Hidden Barrel Collection

Some people like to dismiss our small batch credentials, simply because we are owned by MillerCoors. Something that helps “quieten” that vocal minority is our “world-class” barrel-aged beers. These beers are produced and sold as the Hidden Barrel Collection. They sell for as much as $24.99 for a 750ML bottle.

Hidden Barrel Collection by AC Golden Brewing Company


AC Golden Brewing Company has won medals for our barrel aged sours from multiple competitions; from the Colorado State Fair, to the GABF, World Beer Cup and the US Open Beer Championship.




Award winning Hidden Barrel Collection beers by AC Golden Brewing Company