Blue Moon orange

Why there’s an orange in your beer

Does the sight of an orange garnish shock you? Uh, no. Good, that means we’ve done our job. Because 20 years ago, bartenders rarely had oranges behin...
Keith Villa homebrew tips

Why we want you to brew your own beer

You should learn to brew beer. Seriously, we want you to make your own. Because when you homebrew, you get what it takes to make good beer. “We like ...
Keith Villa pumpkin beer

Thank this guy for America’s pumpkin beer obsession

Keith Villa did not invent pumpkin beer. Shout out to the Pilgrims. But Keith was the first one to take it national. Because — unthinkable as it is today — pumpkin beer used to be hard to come by. In 1995 Keith founded Blue Moon Brewing...