Coors Prohibition

What we made when we couldn’t make beer

Let’s raise a glass to malted milk, soda, “near beer” and savvy investing. We wouldn’t be here without them. Because for 13 years beginning in 1920, the U...
Miller Lite steinie bottle

A short history of the steinie bottle

The beer bottle with the short neck looks like it should have a mustache. The steinie bottle, as it’s called, is manly in the coolest ’70s sort of way. Ma...
Coors Beer Wolf 1984

When Coors Light used a werewolf to win Halloween

It was 1983, and Coors Light wanted to “own” a holiday. Bigger competitors were spending hard to advertise around beer-buying holidays like Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day. Back then Coors Light was a smaller brand. The now-No.2 beer ...