MillerCoors Supplier Diversity

Diversifying the MillerCoors Supply Chain

MillerCoors Supply Chain Diversity Program When you think about what it takes to actually make beer, what comes to mind?  Malt, wheat, hops?  Aluminum, glass, ...
Blue Moon brewers in Ghent, Belgium

Blue Moon Goes Back to Belgium

Keith Villa “Paging, Dr. Villa! You’re needed in the brew room STAT! There are urgent matters of malt and hops and yeast to attend to!” Blue Moon Brewing...
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Ringing in the New Year

It’s been quite a year—in 2013, MillerCoors launched a few brands, including Redd’s Apple Ale and Third Shift, spun off a few extensions such as Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy, evoked nostalgia through throwback packaging like the Coors Banquet Bottle, ...