Keystone Light is now the No. 3 growth brand in the country, according to Nielsen cross-channel data for the four weeks ending July 15.

Case volume was up 9.6 percent for the four-week period, according to Nielsen. Its volume share improved by 0.2 points for 1.9 share of total beer. Its share of the Economy segment improved by 0.8 points to 8.4 percent.

Meanwhile dollar sales increased 4.1 percent, according to Nielsen.

Keystone Light’s success has been driven by the roll out of the new 15-pack. And it’s been taking share from the competition.

The Keystone Light 15-pack is sourcing 27 percent of its volume from the 12-packs it’s replacing on shelf, according to Nielsen Homescan data for the 26 weeks ending June 10. The 15-pack is sourcing 20 percent of its volume from Natural Light, 12 percent from other Keystone Light packs, and 6 percent from Bud Light. Four percent of its volume is sourced from Coors Banquet.

MillerCoors has two other brands on Nielsen’s list of top 10 growth brands: Zima at No. 5 and Blue Moon Belgian White at No. 9.


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