Redd’s Apple Ale is barreling into fall with its second limited-edition flavor this year: Redd’s Black Cherry Ale.

The new beer, which has a prominent cherry flavor that’s balanced with Redd’s signature apple taste, has rolled out to retailers nationwide and will be available through early 2018 in six-packs of 12-oz. bottles, 16-oz. cans and in new variety packs.

Redd’s Black Cherry Ale joins the flagship Apple Ale, Blueberry Ale and Raspberry Ale in the portfolio. “Whenever we launch a new flavor, it invites new people into the brand,” says Rose Osial, an assistant marketing manager. “We have strong reason to believe this will bring in incremental customers.”

Consumer research shows offering variety is key in driving sales of flavored malt beverages, in part because many customers in the space are willing to experiment and consistently chase new flavors. Redd’s Blueberry Ale, for example, began as a limited-pick offering last year and rocketed into the top five fastest-turning flavors in the category. The beer is now available year-round.

Black cherry, which scored on par with blueberry in consumer testing, is a trending flavor, particularly in the FMB space. It also aligns with the brand’s strategy of focusing on natural fruit flavors, Osial says. “We stick to familiar and real fruit flavors that pair nicely with apple.”

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