MillerCoors Behind the Beer

Celebrating World Water Day

It’s here—March 22. For me, World Water Day means so many things, reminds me of so many things, and especially reminds me who I am—from growing up splashing around the Great Lakes to pouring water over my sweat-drenched face after a hard-fought soccer match. Our bodies are mostly water, and of course we cannot live without it. Fast forward to present—my position at MillerCoors is all about sustainability, and a lot about water. Beer cannot live without it; it is in fact, mostly water.

Photo courtesy of Dayna Gross.

It’s beyond cool that MillerCoors is so passionate about sustainability and in particular water stewardship. That’s why I’m here, and why you should check out all this cool blue MillerCoors water action to remind us of our most precious resource, which brings to life everything, from bath time to Miller Time. Check it out, because we do all of this and so much more here at MillerCoors:

And frankly, as a responsible society, we should all play a role in sustainably managing our water resources, and no one person or entity can do it all. But that doesn’t mean that here at MillerCoors we can’t try our darndest to do exactly that.