MillerCoors ice beer

What exactly is an “ice beer” anyway?

They said ice beer was just a phase. When it was introduced to the U.S. in 1993, beer fans loved it — but industry watchers weren’t so sure about this new st...
Trade brewer beer education

What’s a “trade brewer” (and how do you get that job)?

You know that one friend who knows a lot about beer. Not the annoying one, the friend who really understands beer and loves teaching people about it. The one who gives the best advice on what beer to pair with sushi or bring to a barbecue. The...
Blue Moon orange

Why there’s an orange in your beer

Does the sight of an orange garnish shock you? Uh, no. Good, that means we’ve done our job. Because 20 years ago, bartenders rarely had oranges behin...