Amid sales decline, ABI’s Lime-A-Rita looking for new ad agency

ABI’s Lime-A-Rita has launched a review for a new creative agency as the brand faces double-digit declines, AdWeek has reported.

The brand franchise also has cut ties with FCB Chicago, which has handled Lime-A-Rita since 2015 and last year broke the brand’s biggest campaign in years, according to the coverage. (FCB previously handled Coors Light, as well as some other MillerCoors brands.)

From the AdWeek story:

“We are proud of the work that was created from our collaboration with FCB Chicago and Lime-A-Rita, which has produced a number of memorable ads since 2015,” the Lime-A-Rita spokesperson told Adweek. “As the brand evolves, we continually look to refresh our perspective and evaluate our agency structure.”

Just three months ago, Lime-A-Rita unveiled a new ad campaign that was squarely aimed at women, which make up the majority of the brand’s consumer base.

Lime-A-Rita, which was launched in 2012 to great success, is making the move amid struggling sales. Despite last year’s marketing push, Lime-A-Rita volume dropped 13.6 percent, according to Nielsen cross-channel data.

Trends have worsened so far this year, according to Nielsen. During the four weeks ending June 17, case sales were down 21.1 percent. Year-to-date, sales were down 16.2 percent.