I’ve worked in the beer industry for more than five years, during which I’ve had the opportunity to see many of the MillerCoors brands partner with other great companies and relevant brands that make sense for our beers and our fans. But just this past week, I got a chance to work with Miller High Life to take the idea of partnership to a whole new level!


To kick off a new, multiyear partnership between two Milwaukee neighbors, Miller High Life and Harley-Davidson, Bill Davidson visited the MillerCoors brewery. Bill, who is the vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum and the great grandson of Harley-Davidson co-founder William A. Davidson, helped make a batch of the Champagne of Beers with head brewmaster Dr. David Ryder.

On Wednesday, May 22, I joined Milwaukee media and the High Life team as Dr. Ryder and Bill Davidson announced this momentous partnership, beginning in 2013, live from the Miller Inn. After both had the opportunity to highlight the storied histories of both companies and share their thoughts on what this means for them and Milwaukee, Dr. Ryder and Davidson headed to the brewery floor, where we watched as Davidson and Dr. Ryder brewed a batch of Miller High Life. At its most basic level, a partnership is about working together. So it was cool to see Davidson and Dr. Ryder work together to make a beer that has helped people live the high life for 110 years.


After the brewing experience, both men sat down and shared their excitement about the partnership and what it means for their loyal fans. On the ledge at the Miller Inn, we lined up the new, commemorative Harley-Davidson/Miller High Life cans for everyone to see—they are really eye-catching!

Both men talked to everyone on-site about how excited they are that customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles with Miller High Life graphics will also be on display at participating retail stores. Those will really make shoppers “stop in their tracks” next time they’re picking up a case. Fans can also win exclusive prizes throughout the summer—including Harley-Davidson commemorative apparel and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle—so check out the Miller High Life Facebook page for more information on promotions and events.


As a public relations person who shares the MillerCoors focus on responsibility, I am glad that, as part of the partnership, Miller High Life and Harley-Davidson are sharing safe riding tips online and at motorcycle events across the country. If you’re a motorcycling enthusiast of legal drinking age, take a pledge to be a safe rider and enter for a chance to win incredible gear at MillerHighLife.com/responsibility.

The beer brewed by Davidson and Dr. Ryder will not be specially marked and will instead be distributed like any other batch of Miller High Life. So, who knows, the next time you’re enjoying the Champagne of Beers, you might just be sipping this special batch.