MillerCoors Behind the Beer

8 festival posters you’ll want to steal — not that we condone that

What do snakes, aliens and Miller Lite have in common?

Probably not much, but they do look pretty great on these concert posters.

SXSW | photo credit: Juniper Park\TBWA

We teamed up with prominent poster artists to create images for some of the music festivals Miller Lite is sponsoring this year, including Summerfest in Milwaukee, Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, New Orleans Jazz Fest and our free Conciertos Originales series.

We asked the artists to incorporate the Miller Lite can and colors (red, white, blue and gold) into their design, but otherwise let the music and the cities be the inspiration.

They came back with artwork as diverse as a slice of the Texas capital (right down to the dinosaur bones) for Austin City Limits, and spaceships and snakes for SXSW.

The art also appears on stage backdrops, pedicabs and all sorts of signs.

As for the posters themselves, they’re all over the festivals and at nearby bars.

It can’t hurt to ask.

Extra-special poster made of coasters at SXSW | photo credit: Juniper Park\TBWA