On June 4, 2013, Miller64 launched a summer-long celebration of people who have balanced and socially active lives. Five cities around the country were chosen for kickoff events, with celebrity appearances, live games, music and more. Below, player-analyst Nomar Garciaparra and sales manager Bill Caulfield describe their exciting experiences at the Boston event.

Nomar Garciaparra, former Major League Baseball player and current ESPN analyst

I was fortunate during my playing days to have been part of Boston’s rich baseball history and see a city unite around America’s favorite pastime every summer. Boston has a special place in my heart and, thanks to Miller64, I had the opportunity to hang out with the people who make this city great.


On June 4 (6/4!), Miller64 and I officially kicked off “GO OUT. GO PLAY. GO64.” in Boston, with locals 21 and older. Under sunny skies and a terrific turnout from media and fans, I had the opportunity to talk Boston sports, to hear fans recount some of their favorite games and of course, to enjoy a Miller64. People dropped by for a few minutes to take a break from their normal work day and challenged me to games of Pop-A-Shot. Let’s just say … I’m happy I pursued baseball over basketball.

Leading up to the event, I learned more about Miller64 and what the brand is all about. While I may have moved from the infield to the analyst table, I’m not just sitting around—and Miller64 is the perfect fit for my active lifestyle.

Bill Caulfield, Distributor Sales Manager, New England Region

As a Boston resident, I was obviously very excited when I found out that I would have the chance to meet Nomar as part of Miller64’s “GO OUT. GO PLAY. GO64.” summer kickoff event. He is very much a part of this town and is still a beloved member of the Sox nation.

The Miller64 event that took place at Faneuil Hall Marketplace on 6/4 was a major hit. Between live music, beer sampling and the chance to meet Nomar, everybody had a great time. There was even a group of people eagerly waiting to meet him before the event officially started.

Bill (left)_sized

One Boston fan said it perfectly: “Nomar … Boston … and Miller64. This is great!”

It was also wonderful to see all of the social media interaction. Because GO64 was happening in four other major cities, it was fun watching everybody use the hashtag #GO64 and follow @Miller64 on Twitter, thanks to the tablets available onsite. It looked like Chicago, Houston, Tampa and Las Vegas fans were having a lot fun, too.

I was glad to have taken part in the GO64 activities in Boston. The official kickoff was an awesome way to start the summer movement, and I look forward to a summer filled with good times and cold beer.