It’s happened to me and I’m sure it’s happened to you, too. Everyone is having a great time over a few beers talking about Sunday night’s game and then a friend checks his phone to see his latest Fantasy Football ranking. Within minutes, all of your friends are glued to their phones and the vibe is lost.

Tons of things get in the way of a good time, like that one time your boss handed you a huge project at noon on a summer Friday or maybe you were on a date when you accidentally parked in the wrong spot and your car was towed. In today’s environment, we’re all busy and it’s tough to get together with friends. That’s why I love the new “Don’t Mess With Miller Time” campaign starring Danny Trejo, one of the hardest-working “tough guys” in Hollywood.

Danny, who stumbled into the movie business by accident, is making sure nothing gets in the way of those good times with friends by being the “protector” of Miller Time. I had a great time working with Danny on the commercial shoot. He signed autographs, hung out with the crew and was an all-around easy-going guy. Talking with him, I learned that early on in his life he was on the wrong path and his friends got him through it. Since then, he’s helped countless people make the right decisions and stay out of trouble. He started out training actors how to box behind the scenes, and now he gets paid to play the tough guy in movies. His career path is pretty impressive: He’s appeared in more than 200 films and is starring in Machete Kills, the blockbuster hit directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Danny is the perfect guy to protect Miller Time. He’s one of Hollywood’s busiest actors and in his personal life, he’s a man of values who loves his family and has kept the same group of friends for years. He plays a tough guy on screen, but I learned he’s a good guy at heart with a lot of passion for his craft.

I’m excited to share Miller Lite’s latest commercial featuring Danny airing nationally on Spanish-language television:

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