This month marks our fifth anniversary as MillerCoors. It’s a milestone that’s not marked with diamonds, gold or silver—it’s actually wood. But our preference is to celebrate with an ice-cold beer. Creating America’s best beer company takes hard work, and we’ve got nearly 9,000 employees partnering with our distributors and retailers to make it happen. Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company came together as MillerCoors in 2008, knowing we’d be stronger working together. It’s been a cool journey marked by progress that gives us many reasons to raise a toast, and even a high five to five years.

Innovation: What would a day at the beach or a backyard barbecue be without a Summer Shandy? You might think it’s been part of your summer plans “forever,” but the brew hit the national scene in 2008. Innovation is part of who we are … whether it’s in brews like Redd’s Apple Ale, Third Shift and Batch 19, or in packaging, like the Miller Lite Punch Top Can, aluminum pints, Coors Light super cold activation, the Miller Lite iconic bottle and that stubby little Coors Banquet heritage bottle we all love. Together, we have propelled Coors Light into the #2 spot in the country, and solidified Blue Moon Belgian White’s place as the largest craft beer in the nation—all that takes some innovative thinking and action.

Quality: If only it were humanly possible to give more than two thumbs up. If making high-quality beer was an Olympic event, I think we’d blow Michael Phelps out of the water with the number of times we’ve been on the podium. Over the past five years, we’ve won more than 70 medals for our brews (talk about going for gold!). We’re also providing the highest-quality service to our distributors and consumers to ensure they have our fantastic brands when they need it! Even though our beers are already recognized for outstanding quality, we’re not satisfied and are continually raising the bar. Our beers and ciders cover all occasions and tastes, and we’re using less water to brew more of it for our customers. We even have five of our eight breweries sending zero waste to landfills, and we’ve done it all while maintaining exceptional quality.

People: We’ve got a diverse team of people who reflect our diverse marketplace—from the vast and deep experience of our veteran employees, to our millennial employees bringing fresh ideas to drive our business. And everyone shares a thirst for learning. In the past two years alone, more than 5,000 employees have been through MillerCoors University (MCU) for corporate learning and development. How’s the report card looking? MCU got an A+ this year, receiving Best Corporate University accolades from CorpU.

In many ways our journey has just begun. Customer tastes are evolving, and our company is evolving with them. So today, it’s more than just a cheers to five years … we’re raising a glass for all that is to come.


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